Unic Aviation is a China leading aviation pilot recruitment company, offices based in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xiamen.

Unic Aviation is founded by Chinese aviation professionals, with closest relationship with Chinese Airlines and best understanding of Chinese Aviation. We have several years' experiences of hiring global pilots.

Our professionals provide consultant service and support service. Please find below our recruiting procedures. Then if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Process of screenings (General)

1 Interview Period

1. CV Collection
Complete the application form
Send the following scans to info@unicaviation.com
- Passport
- Class 1 Medical Certificate
- ATPL with ICAO level
- Last 6 pages of logbook
- Last Proficiency Check
- Signed authorization letter (will be emailed to you)
2. CV Assessment by the Airline Company
After collecting all your profiles, we will send your CV to the Airlines.
It takes several days to assess it, whatever the result is, we will inform you as soon as we get the news from the Airlines.
3. Screening/Interview in China
If your profile is accepted, you will receive an invitation to interview.
You will travel to China for the following:
- CAAC Medical Exam
- Simulator Check by the Airlines
- CAAC ATPL Written Exam
- Company Interview

2 Registration Period

1. No Criminal Record & No Accident/Incident Record
- Apply for the no criminal record from the police/security organization in your passport country.
- No criminal record must be authorized by Chinese Embassy.
- Apply for the no accident/incident record from your previous company.
2. Registration
Bring the following items when you report to work:
- ATP Pilot license (with no restrictions)
- No Accident Record
- No Criminal Record
- Medical
- Passport
- Logbooks
- Photos
3. CAAC Simulator Check
4. Training Period

3 Start to fly in China as a Captain

Name: Andrey Popov - Recruiting consultant
Phone number: +7(926)2557230
Email: info@unicaviation.com
Name: Constance – Recruiting team manager
Phone number: 0086(10)69458550
Email: recruitment@unicaviation.com

Name: Mila – Recruiting consultant
Phone number: 0086(10)69458550
Email: recruitment@unicaviation.com

Name: Leia – Recruiting consultant
Phone number: 0086(10)69458545
Email: info@unicaviation.com

· If you need more background information to decide which airline is better to apply, please use Apply job to contact us. Our consultant will provide more information for you to help you make Decision.

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